Local eye doctor helped speed cancer treatment

Local eye doctor helped speed cancer treatment

There’s a relatively new eye doctor in town, (and I think) he’s fabulous. His name is Dr. Michael Santos and he joined his father’s Cumberland Family Eye Care practice about a year ago after finishing his optometry program. Due to his attention to detail, he helped diagnose a brain tumor in me that needed to be addressed immediately.

I have Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer and recently started experiencing extreme headaches and eye pain with peripheral vision. I reported this over a three-week period to my oncology team at Dana Farber who told me it may be due to the medicine and treatments I was on and to watch and wait while taking care of the pain with pain meds. Dana Farber suggested I see my local optometrist and so I contacted Dr. Santos’ office who got me in for an emergency appointment the next day.

He ran a number of tests which were fairly inconclusive but he felt there was swelling in my brain that must be further examined by imaging. He strongly suggested that the Dana Farber move my scans up ASAP which were not due for several more weeks later.

Upon Dr. Santos’ advice Dana Farber was able to schedule me stat MRIs of brain and back, and torso, neck CT scans.

Scans confirmed the cancer has spread to my brain and I have already started radiation this week in attempts to stop the growth.

I want to thank Dr. Santos for being on top of his game and listening to his gut feeling even when the eye exam data was inconclusive that I was having a major brain issue.

I look forward to see Dr. Santos’ career progress as he helps more people in the community like me.

Heather Smith