Baldwin teachers donate 1,500 books for students

Baldwin teachers donate 1,500 books for students

PAWTUCKET – Teachers at the Elizabeth Baldwin Elementary School donated an additional 1,500 books to the school’s library on their day off. The school’s “Dress Down Committee,” made up of staff members, donated the books to the Baldwin library for student use, after the group fundraised to purchase a wide array of literature for each grade level.

Principal Edna Coia said that Baldwin students now have an additional plethora of books available to them that they are excited to read.

She said, “When students read books that interest them, they are motivated – and when they are motivated, they learn more. This is our ultimate goal, to make learning easy for our kids. They are all our kids, and their success is all we desire.”

Coia said staff members came into the school building on Election Day, volunteering to spend their day off cataloging, labeling and shelving the books.

“Baldwin teachers and staff are so giving and selfless,” Coia said. “They will do anything to see that our students have access to materials that will provide experience and deliver success. This is not new to the Baldwin community. Our students are our priority.”

Students have been making great strides in reading, she said, so last school year, staff members decided to fundraise to purchase books for this current academic year.