What should have been

What should have been

Now that the dust has somewhat settled on the loss of the PawSox to Worcester, I feel compelled to address a few issues concerning that move.

“Jobs and Economy,” is a popular phrase heard in Rhode Island, especially during election season. Yet hundreds of Rhode Island labor jobs in constructing a new stadium have gone to Worcester. Two and a half million dollars yearly of state tax revenue gone to Worcester. A new stadium was to be a year-round venue, not just for baseball, but winter activities, concerts as well as numerous entertainment events. The area surrounding the new stadium was to be home to shops, restaurants and businesses. All that would have served to revitalize the city of Pawtucket and the Blackstone Valley.

I recently received a call from a student at Roger Williams University, who asked if I could meet with her to talk about the loss of the PawSox, which is the subject of her senior dissertation. I gathered all the information I had concerning the proposed new stadium, the Senate Bill, the costs associated with the project and every handout I had accumulated. I included a pamphlet that listed all the state-wide charities the PawSox have given to and helped over their years in Pawtucket that would be no more.

We talked for about 45 minutes discussing the positives of the plan as well as the lack of support for the stadium in the final nights of the 2018 House Session. She thanked me for my input and I wished her luck with her thesis. As we were leaving she said she had one last question, “Will you be going to Worcester to see a game in the new stadium.”

That question had crossed my mind before that day.

I had my answer, “No,” I answered, “not anytime soon, just not ready to see what should have been.”

Representative Mary Duffy Messier