Birthday Club

Birthday Club

Dec. 6

Happy 18th Birthday, Emma Kaczorowski! Love you... Grammy, Papa, Dad, Daniel, Zachary, Ryan, Memere and Uncle Mark

Dec. 7

Tony Lukasiewicz, To my one and only, Happy Birthday. You’re the best. All my love, Mare

Dec. 14

Happy 8th Birthday Colby Pare. Hugs and kisses from Memere and Pepere Bedard

Dec. 17

Sandi LaBarre, Happy “?” Birthday! A loving wife and mom. Love Ron - Jeff and Jodi

Happy Birthday Nammie, We love you! Dacia - Kailey - Sophia

Dec. 27

Happy 90th Birthday Terry Nulty. From Donna and Jody and Al

Dec. 28

Mark St. Laurent, Happy Birthday! Love always Tracy

Fernand Cote, Happy Birthday, from Oakland Gove Health Care Center

Dec. 29

Logan Lukasiewiecz, Happy Birthday to our handsome, mischievous, 2-year-old granson. We love you dearly. Nana and Dziadzia