Town, school leaders hope to duplicate success of 2018

Town, school leaders hope to duplicate success of 2018

The Town Council stands at attention during the singing of the national anthem on Sunday at the North Providence inauguration. The members are, from left, Kenneth Amoriggi, Stefano Famiglietti, Steven DiLorenzo, Ronald Baccala, Mario Martone, Mansuet Giusti III and council president Dino Autiello. (Breeze photos by Bill Murphy)
Autiello: Ready and excited to keep the ball rolling

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Speaking at the town’s inauguration ceremony on Sunday, local leaders said the list of achievements made across town this year was perfectly summed up in the recent Breeze headline, “North Providence just kept winning in 2018.”

Dino Autiello, who was unanimously elected to continue serving as president of the Town Council, said he’s proud of North Providence for passing three budgets with no tax increases, the success of the town-run senior center and the widespread development across town, including two elementary school projects, a large solar farm and a new public safety complex.

“I pledged four years ago to focus on business development, and I’m thrilled to say it’s happening,” he said, adding that he’s proud to work with “a group of individuals I believe will keep our town moving forward. I look forward to leading with such accomplished and dedicated public servants.”

Autiello said he’s “ready and excited to keep the ball rolling. Together, we’ll make the tough decisions our town needs for growth.”

Councilor Mansuet Giusti III and Kenneth Amoriggi were unanimously elected to serve as presidents pro tempore.

After taking the oath of office to serve on the North Providence School Committee, Frank Pallotta Jr. was elected chairman, replacing Anthony Marciano, who will continue to serve as a member of the committee. Marciano had served as chairman since 1998.

Gina Picard also stepped down as vice chairwoman, casting her vote along with the rest of the committee for District 2’s Roderick Da Silva. District 3 committee member Steven Andreozzi was again elected clerk.

Addressing attendees of the inauguration, Pallotta said he made the decision to return to the committee after previously serving for 20 years because it’s “an honor to be part of community service, and a special honor to serve children and their families.”

Pallotta, who served in District 1 from 1986 to 2006, said school leadership must “be wise in decision-making, balance our choices and confront our challenges. We need to embrace our strengths, mitigate our weaknesses and support each other to provide the very best teaching and learning opportunities available.”

To the town’s outgoing leaders – Town Councilors Alice Brady, Raymond DeStefanis and Stephen Feola and School Committee members Ronald Iannetta, Stephen Palmieri and Donald Cataldi – the message on Sunday at North Providence High School was simple: thank you for your service. To those being installed for the first time, Chief of Staff Dick Fossa delivered another: fasten your seat belts.

“North Providence is a town of proud families and community neighborhoods that make everyone feel welcome,” said Fossa. “It is undergoing a great transformation. It’s a great time for the town of North Providence and there are still great things to come.”

Mayor Charles Lombardi said the installation of officers ceremony marks “the day you accept full responsibility for your office, which at times will seem overwhelming.”

“Our taxpayers want elected officials who are honest, productive and accessible,” Lombardi said. “It’s important to have a Town Council and School Committee that possesses sound business sense, and more importantly good common sense. The time of basing decisions on politics and not what’s best for everyone (is) long gone.”

Lombardi said when he first took the oath of office in 2007, his administration inherited a bond rating “one step above junk” and a $10 million deficit. Twelve years later, “we have an $11 million surplus and a double-A bond rating. Banks want to do business with us now, and businesses want to open here in North Providence.”

He spoke about the town’s “crown jewel,” The Meehan Overlook at Notte Park, as well as development across town and a new streetscape project for Centredale business district.

“There were four cranes in the sky in North Providence a few weeks ago,” he said. “Fourteen new businesses have opened or are being constructed as we speak, with more on the way. North Providence was the only community in New England to receive the U.S. EPA Environmental Merit Award for outstanding efforts in protecting children’s health.”

Lt. Gov. Daniel McKee said the upward climb of the town can be attributed to the cooperation of its municipal and school leaders, as well as the connectedness of the state’s 39 cities and towns.

“The Breeze called 2018 the year North Providence kept winning,” he said. “We all want to be on a winning team, and right now you have a winning team here in North Providence.”

McKee spoke at the event in place of Rep. David Cicilline, who was detained in Washington, D.C. The event was also attended by General Treasurer Seth Magaziner, Attorney General Peter Neronha and Johnston Mayor Joseph Polisena.

The inauguration was led by Fossa, with the presentation of certificates of election distributed by Nicholas Bianco of the North Providence Board of Canvassers. The NPHS Concern Band, directed by Steve Morrison, performed during the processional and recessional, while soloist Lexi Lanni sang the national anthem, ‘Let There Be Peace on Earth’ and ‘God Bless America.”

The inauguration committee was made up of ManyAnn DeAngelus, chairperson, Troy Campopiano, Ewa Kurpiewski, Shana Autiello, Shawna Martone, Robin Ruzzo, Carmen Garcia, Santino Famiglietti and Anthony Napolitano.

Town Council president Dino Autiello delivers his address at the North Providence inauguration Sunday.
Mayor Charles Lombardi delivers his address at the North Providence inauguration held at North Providence High School.
School Committee members, from left, Frank Pallotta, Jr., Anthony Marciano, and Arthur Corsini, are sworn in by Mayor Charles Lombardi at the North Providence inauguration. Marciano is the outgoing School Committee chairman, and Pallotta was elected the new chairman.