Proposal: CrossFit facility at the park

Proposal: CrossFit facility at the park

NORTH PROVIDENCE – Town Council President Dino Autiello says he’d like to see the CrossFit revolution come to Camp Meehan/Notte Park.

Autiello, at a council meeting Tuesday, Feb. 5, planned to request an investment in new outdoor exercise equipment at the park on the Wenscott Reservoir. He told The Breeze prior to the meeting that a couple of residents have approached him about the possibility of adding the equipment.

“I thought it was a pretty cool idea,” he said.

In keeping with the premise of CrossFit, the equipment wouldn’t be anything fancy, said Autiello. This would be pull-up and push-up bars and other similar equipment needed for CrossFit-type exercises.

The council president said he himself enjoys this brand of exercise, though he isn’t a member of a CrossFit gym. The equipment could also get use from American Ninja Warrior enthusiasts, he said.

Asked about the idea, Mayor Charles Lombardi said he would “absolutely” consider finding a spot at the park to add new equipment.

“I don’t have a problem looking into that,” he said. “Anything that’s going to add to the recreation of the town.”

Autiello said local CrossFit enthusiasts previously used old bar equipment at Stephen Olney Park, but that was torn down in 2016 after the town replaced it with new playground equipment for young children.

CrossFit is a competitive fitness program incorporating high-intensity interval training, weightlifting, rapid stretching, gymnastics and calisthenics, among other elements.

Autiello said he doesn’t have a specific location in mind at the town’s largest recreation space, but said there’s plenty of room for adding such a facility.

Lombardi said the town is making great strides overall with its recreation facilities. In addition to ongoing grant-funded upgrades at Camp Meehan/Notte Park, the town is in the process of acquiring and redeveloping two other properties for new athletic fields.

The Town Council was set to vote Tuesday on the $1.1 million purchase of the Coletti Farm property off Mineral Spring Avenue and Woodward Road. A permit will soon be issued to demolish the Pate property building off Ivan Street. That property was purchased for $675,000 last year. Town officials are planning to develop a new multi-use athletic field at each of the properties.