Pineview L.L. lends helping hand to Fairlawn L.L.

Pineview L.L. lends helping hand to Fairlawn L.L.

Board of directors will run both Little Leagues this season

PAWTUCKET – In an effort to save Fairlawn Little League, the board of Pineview Little League is taking over the league for the time being.

“The Fairlawn president stepped down,” Pineview Little League president Eli AbiAad said on Monday afternoon. “There was a lack of volunteers and coaches. I was then approached by the representative of District 2, Bob Walker, to take over Fairlawn. I didn’t want to see Fairlawn fold, so we are going to try and get it back up and running.”

The leagues are not merging, but will be led by one president, AbiAad. He said that Fairlawn will still be Fairlawn and play on its home field. The only thing that has changed is Pineview’s board of directors will be in charge.

That could make things easier this summer, as all three Pawtucket leagues usually have two weeks of interleague play. Scheduling should be better, as there will be two presidents handling that in AbiAad and Darlington American Little League.

A new team that will be part of interleague play is Rumford, AbiAad said. This will be the first time that Rumford plays against a Pawtucket team outside District II tournament play.

Pineview has already had two registration dates and has another coming up this Saturday at the Boys & Girls Club from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Fairlawn kids are invited as well. With already having two signups, AbiAad said that the number of players signing up has already exceeded where they were at this time last year.

While running his own league this year, AbiAad and his board members will work with the people of Fairlawn to set them up and keep them in the league.

“The hope is to help start their own board with parents, volunteers, and coaches in the Fairlawn district,” he added. “We want to introduce a president for them and help set them up, going through all the paperwork that is involved and how to do signups and tryouts. We want to get them back up on their feet. If not, our district will decide what happens.”

That means if Fairlawn cannot get enough interested volunteers to run the league, the league will fold and there will be a discussion on where those players from the Fairlawn district can play, whether it's Darlington American or Pineview or both.

“Bob Walker entrusted us to try and help them out,” AbiAad said. “For new board members and volunteers to come out, as that is the only way a league survives. It needs volunteers. Everybody would hate to see Fairlawn fold. I want to see them thrive, and I’m glad my board took this responsibility.”

Pineview is also embarking on other new projects this season, including starting an in-between league between Juniors and Senior Division players, as well as a Challenger Division. Right now, Opening Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 20.