Northern students hit the slopes

Northern students hit the slopes

Aleah Fernandez, a kindergartener, sleds down a hill behind Northern Lincoln Elementary School last week. (Breeze photos by Nicole Dotzenrod)

LINCOLN – The snow-covered field behind Northern Lincoln Elementary School was filled with squeals of joy lasy Friday as students bounded down the hill on sleds.

Health and physical education teacher Debra Reddy planned the Winter Olympics-themed event for Northern students in an effort to introduce them to winter sports, and show them that physical activity can be done in any terrain and in any weather.

“There are so many pluses to getting them out into the sun and fresh air and getting some Vitamin D,” said Reddy, who hopes other educators might be inspired to get outside during the winter months.

With the help of other specialists, Reddy took the entire school out for the winter circuit, which included sledding down a “luge” hill, hockey and “human mushing,” where students raced to pull one another across the field on sleds.

“We’re keeping them moving, getting them outside and getting their cardio up while exposing them to different winter sports,” she said. “I’m showing the kids my passions with the hopes of them embracing the colder weather, the snow and winter activities.”

Reddy said a number of students had never been sledding. As one student came down the hill, he cried, “This is the best day of my life!”

“That says it all right there. That’s the whole reason for doing this,” Reddy said. “It’s so good for me to see their excitement when they come out.”

Kindergarten student Jeremias Villar takes a brief rest at the bottom of the hill.
Northern Lincoln Elementary kindergartener Layla Moreau was all smiles as she took her turn sledding down the hill last week.


It seems everywhere in this State the citizens and youth of 38 of 39-communities within it can enjoy these kinds of activities...and one heck of a lot more of them.

As a kid growing up in Providence we came to Diamond Hill for sledding, more-so taboggining.

Today this activity is not allowed...along with many other activities such as the unbelievably engineered, and youth-constructed, skateboard site that was demolished.

I have been asking for these kinds of activities, especially sledding, to be allowed for over 20-years now...only to be continuously told it is an Insurance and Liability Issue!


The time has long since come and gone with this Lame Excuse being used to prevent the children of the Town of Cumberland from enjoying an activity that takes place EVERYWHERE on this God Made Earth!!

Tom Letourneau