Gilchrist: Smithfield sports fields need upgrades

Gilchrist: Smithfield sports fields need upgrades

Residents of Smithfield: I have some concerns about our schools' outdoor sports facilities at Gallagher Middle School and especially the Smithfield High School sports complex.

Some of our sports programs cannot even practice on their home fields due to poor conditions. The boys and girls of these programs have to walk over to Deerfield to use the fields for practices and also play league games.

About three years ago we spent $100,000 on the track for a temporary Band-Aid resurface that would last to 2018-2019. The track and the field at this time are in poor condition, there are certain code violations that should be addressed and upgraded at this complex.

The track and field need to be upgraded like our surrounding communities' schools with all-purpose turf field. Having a turf field will give certain sports programs and physical education programs better conditions to practice on and play competitive league games. Our student athletes are at a disadvantage to other schools that have turf fields.

If you agree with this contact your Town Council.

Mark Gilchrist