Bryant University’s President Ronald Machtely announces 2020 retirement

Bryant University’s President Ronald Machtely announces 2020 retirement

SMITHFIELD – After 23 years serving as president of Bryant University, Ronald Machtley announced on Monday, May 6, that he will be retiring following the graduation in May 2020.

Machtley said it is time for him and his wife, Kati, to start a new chapter in life pursuing creative interests and travel while still in good health. He said the pair would like to rekindle old friendships and spend more time with their children and grandchildren.

“After 49 years of a working career that included service in the U.S. Navy, the practice of law, service in the U.S. Congress and now 23 years as president of this great institution, it is time to pause and pass the mantle of leadership to another,” Machtley said.

From 1989 to 1995, Machtley served as Rhode Island congressman in the House of Representatives.

In his open letter to the trustees, Machtley said it is a good time to recruit strong candidates for Bryant’s next presidency who should welcome the challenge of developing the next strategic plan to take Bryant beyond 2020.

“They will appreciate the University is in great shape,” Machtley said.

Under his leadership, he said he and Kati transformed the campus, the curriculum, and perception of Bryant College, now Bryant University. He said when he arrived 23 years ago, he inherited a $1.7 million deficit which he saw as an obstacle.

Machtley is at the tail end of a $40 million capital campaign that went above the increased goal of $75 million to $102 million raised. Since that first budget, Machtley said Bryant has never had another deficit, but rather a surplus.

In addition, Machtley said nearly 500,000-square-feet of 20 new facilities and remodeled existing facilities have been added.

“As I prepare to depart in a year, I will never look back and think we could have given more. We gave Bryant our best, and I hope that is the legacy which students and alumni remember – because it’s true of all of us, the entire Bryant community,” Machtley said.