Schiller: Extensions are hardly ‘evergreen’

Schiller: Extensions are hardly ‘evergreen’

Teachers have a tough job: disruptive students, truancy, multiple first languages other than English, parents for whom Johnny can do no wrong, parents that don’t care or are not even there, bureaucratic hoops from school boards or the Department of Education.

Thus I’m amazed that so many were so determined to cut their wages or benefits, the only possible motive behind the campaign against extending their expired contracts.

The May 22-28 Breeze had not one but two columns opposing these extensions! They are hardly “evergreen” – a political word used in a mean-spirited way, because as time goes on the teachers with stagnating wages will face inflation, (think cost increases in food, utilities, insurance, etc.) thus a reduced standard of living.

Not allowed to strike, they will have no recourse except to quit. There is already a big turnover of teachers leaving.

Credit is due the governor for signing the expiring contract continuation bill rather than making it even worse by enabling school committees to reduce pay and benefits.

Barry Schiller

North Providence