Disabled vets cheated with change in law

Disabled vets cheated with change in law

I write as an advocate for the Property Relief Credit which is granted by R.I Gen. Law 44-33-3. Back in 2014 this law was revised, and in the language Disabled Veterans was deleted from this law. Bill(s) H19-5010, which was submitted by Rep. Janson Knight, and H19-5221 that was submitted by Rep. Stephen Casey, were killed in committee again this year, which now makes five years in a row.

The House of Representatives cannot see that this law 44-33-3, when revised, deleted disabled veterans from receiving this credit, because they receive their benefits from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and not Social Security. This bill has been a form of discrimination against our disabled veterans, as they are in the same class as people who receive Social Security benefits. These two bills would have changed the language to include disabled veterans who receive benefits from the VA.

As this law stands, only people receiving Social Security benefits and earning under $30,000 and meet the other requirements of this bill can take this credit on their R.I. 1040.

If you can see my frustration and the problem this law is causing please help me fight this issue and write to House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, and add to the shame he is causing by not wanting to pass this bill!

David Silvia