Old-fashioned, or not?

Old-fashioned, or not?

The word “old-fashioned” gets people’s attention. Its lifestyle pertains to a society which was a lot more concerned with principles, discipline, respect, caring, education, leadership standards, honesty, spirituality, parental standards, children’s behaviors, sex and drugs, political issues, and more. Today, however, many of its attributes are lacking.

For example:

• Principles: are guidelines which lead us to a proper way of life. These values are slowly disappearing, however.

• Discipline: Many individuals aren’t taught to obey rules and regulations. Hence, they also don’t often suffer the repercussions of their improper actions.

• Respect: Much rudeness now exists in our society, especially towards parents, teachers, public officials, and others.

• Caring: That big four-letter word, CARE, is slowly vanishing because selfishness has become more prevalent in our materialistic and greedy society.

• Education: Many children can’t read, write nor do simple math as expected, i.e., according to their age and grade level, proven by the fact that when entering college, some high school students need to repeat their last couple of high school years.

• Leadership standards: The lack of an effective education often forestalls individuals from learning and understanding leadership skills which, in turn, makes them frail leaders.

• Honesty: facilitates morally acceptable behavior, i. e., one needs to have a conscience, however. In today’s “anything-goes” society, conscience is not considered to be an essential tool for a productive way of life.

• Spirituality: concerns the soul as opposed to material or physical things. It relates to deep feelings and beliefs, especially God-fearing beliefs. Again, one must have a conscience to be “God-fearing.” Certain progressive groups are trying to destroy Christianity and other religions as well.

• Parental standards: Children now “rule the roost” in many families, thus many parents have conceded to becoming their “pals or friends” vs. raising them appropriately. Sadly, some parents attempt to “re-live” their past lives through their children’s lives in diverse manners.

• Children’s behaviors: are often quite evident, especially in public places. The children are either very well mannered or appear to be undisciplined and disrespectful towards their parents and others. In our old-fashioned society, inappropriate children behaviors existed, but weren’t quite as rampant as they are now.

• Sex and drugs: Our anything-goes progressive society encourages all sorts of demented sex and drug exposures. Certain sexual behaviors have become disgusting and berating, and are now viewed and established as the “norm.” Various drugs are more rampant than ever. Our old-fashioned society was not without these menaces, but they were never as threatening to our children, as they are today.

• Political issues: Political corruption is more prevalent now than ever before. Our country is slowly, but surely, being destroyed via the progressive’s political agenda whose greed and power is dictating our political climate. Children should not be used as political ploys; political agendas should be clear-cut and without euphemisms; and “GW” should stand for God’s Warning vs. Global Warming.

Do you prefer the old-fashioned way of life, or do you prefer the new progressive standards? Amen.

Pauline M. Demers