Manufacturer recommends duct tape for trash bins; Mayor Mutter says no go

Manufacturer recommends duct tape for trash bins; Mayor Mutter says no go

CUMBERLAND – A California-based manufacturer is denying that its wheeled trash bins were the cause of massive numbers of maggots in Cumberland over the summer, but since Mayor Jeff Mutter is asking for a solution, they’re suggesting that the town use duct tape to cover the bins' rear holes.

“Their response was not acceptable,” said Mutter this week, speaking of Rehrig Pacific Company. He added, “We are evaluating the issue and the response.”

Mutter had reached out to the company after it was determined locally that holes under the handles of the new totes are letting flies in. The maggot problem has dissipated almost entirely since the weather turned cooler.

Dave Afonso, of Rehrig Pacific, said he consulted with the company’s research and development team and it is their opinion that blocking access to the carts will not prevent the maggot. More than 50 million of the company’s carts are deployed across North America “in the hottest and wettest of climates,” he noted.

“Having consulted with numerous municipalities, our opinion is that the best practice to limit flies is to properly bag and dispose of trash,” Afonso wrote. “Flies can enter the cart during several hours of the day when the lid remains open after service or is opened by a resident when putting trash in it.”

At the mayor’s request, the company put together a low-cost way to retrofit the cart in the field, said Afonso.

“Our engineers have determined that Gorilla or duct is the most adhesive to the garbage containers and can be used to tape over the back handle of the container and will not void the 10-year warranty of the cart,” he wrote.

There is no cart manufacturer anywhere that can guarantee that their cart won’t allow flies in, said Afonso.


BAG THE TRASH... bags closed tightly!!!! Keep lid closed. Keeps can cleaner. Our town mandates bagged trash ONLY in these cans. It works, even in triple digit summer weather!!! And of course, regular pickup by trash collection. Easy peezy.

Maybe we should let this go.