ESL families are choosing Cumberland school district

Rosetta Stone software speeds up language mastery
CUMBERLAND - Travel around Cumberland classrooms this year and you'll hear 26 foreign languages spoken by 95 students enrolled in the English as a Second Language program. And there are another 48 former ESL students whose progress will be monitored for another few years. They're the responsibility... more

With too much goat's milk to handle, Rachyl finds herself in soap business

SCITUATE - Rachyl Travis, who was then 7 years old, faced a dilemma few can imagine. "A couple of years ago, I got a goat for my birthday (on May 5) and we started getting all this goat milk," she related. The goat, named Butterscotch, produced a gallon of milk every day. That's a lot, Rachyl said... more
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Smithfield Police: College kids' fake IDs fool everyone

SMITHFIELD - In undercover operations March 20 and April 10, police here arrested 36 underage Bryant University students and charged... more

Modest fine after Lusitana fight reflects club's unblemished reputation, say councilors

CUMBERLAND - The midnight brawl that erupted at the Lusitana Club on March 29 was so bad, Police Chief John Desmarais told the Town... more

Woonsocket police and fire to share dispatch services by end of 2014

WOONSOCKET - A long-awaited plan to consolidate emergency police and fire dispatch services in Woonsocket is finally moving forward... more