Breeze Blogs

Ethan Shorey

Sometimes you don't realize how much "little" local decisions can impact your life until they come back and smack you in the face. Some North Providence residents are about to deal with that reality after someone in the distant past failed to come up with new names for four streets. Whether through... more

Sandy Seoane

I was getting ready to leave Landmark Medical Center just past 7 p.m. on Thursday Feb. 20 when the announcement came over the intercom. "Code Silver" a calm female voice announced, then repeated. I was visiting a nephew who had just been through an emergency appendix surgery and he, still pale and... more

Marcia Green

Confirming what the Cumberland School Committee already knows, a researcher with Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center has published a study linking later school start times to "improved sleep and mood in teens." The article, “Later School Start Time is Associated with Improved Sleep and... more

Tom Ward

The "My Old School" film about the now-closed Woonsocket High/Middle School has gained it's $4,000 in funding needed for a premiere, according the the Kickstarter website. An e-mail was sent to backers Tuesday. Filmmakers Scott Gabrielson and Jason Allard will hold the premiere Saturday night, Oct... more