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Ethan Shorey

Rhode Island rarely ranks very high on anything positive, so it's worth mentioning when the tiniest state mixes it up with the big boys. With October... more

Brad Poirier

"Google It." I'll take a guess that you say that at least a few times a week. Why? Google is almost now synonymous with internet searches. Did you... more

Melanie Thibeault

There’s a quirky new addition to Smithfield High School this year: he’s flat, he’s about the size of a bookmark, and he has the face of Assistant... more

Marcia Green

More than half of the students arriving at my alma mater, the University of Rhode Island, this fall will be from out of Rhode Island. As an out-of-... more

Sandy Seoane

Jim Hummel took a look at some recent City Hall spending in his Oct. 2 report revealing that Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt's son and members of his... more

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