Breeze Blogs

Ethan Shorey

As officers continue an internal investigation into allegations of racism in the Pawtucket Police Department, the ACLU of Rhode Island is calling for a much deeper look at the department's practices pertaining to minorities over the past decade. Executive Director Steven Brown, in a letter dated... more

Melanie Thibeault

While students across the state are still taking the PARCC exam, I thought I would try a few of the online practice tests to better understand the controversy surrounding the new statewide assessment. "Try" is the key word. I started with... more

Marcia Green

To everyone in Council District 3, the Monastery Heights area of town: Jeff Kearns, the council member you voted out of office Tuesday, did not "vote to develop the Monastery," despite the claim of an 11th-hour campaign piece that arrived in your mailboxes Tuesday from Jim Scullin. Last-minute... more

Sandy Seoane

Jim Hummel took a look at some recent City Hall spending in his Oct. 2 report revealing that Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt's son and members of his baseball league were the only workers in a Woonsocket "summer jobs" program. According to documents obtained by Hummel, the workers - 10 boys between the... more