Breeze Blogs

Ethan Shorey

I was glad to see my blog post on the underperforming communications office at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation get so much attention, and relieved to learn that other reporters were... more

Marcia Green

More than half of the students arriving at my alma mater, the University of Rhode Island, this fall will be from out of Rhode Island. As an out-of-stater myself (Massachusetts) I was surprised because it seemed back in the day that I was the only one not bailing out for Cranston or North Providence... more

Melanie Thibeault

As a reporter, I’m always embarrassed if someone I’m interviewing starts talking about a person, place, or event that’s unfamiliar to me but that’s widely accepted as common knowledge – either among Rhode Islanders (I didn’t grow up in the Ocean State) or among older populations (that is, older... more

Sandy Seoane

Jim Hummel took a look at some recent City Hall spending in his Oct. 2 report revealing that Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt's son and members of his baseball league were the only workers in a Woonsocket "summer jobs" program. According to documents obtained by Hummel, the workers - 10 boys between the... more