Breeze Blogs

Ethan Shorey

North Providence Town Councilor Dino Autiello has referred to the local political scene as a "toxic" environment where little is getting done due to incessant battling between his Town Council and the Lombardi administration. The following clip from a meeting last week illustrates well what... more

Sandy Seoane

A wise man once said, “never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.” The source of the quote is disputed, and the message can be both liberating and cringe-worthy for journalists. Professional integrity requires that journalists strive to rise above the political infighting and... more

Marcia Green

Confirming what the Cumberland School Committee already knows, a researcher with Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center has published a study linking later school start times to "improved sleep and mood in teens." The article, “Later School Start Time is Associated with Improved Sleep and... more

Tom Ward

The "My Old School" film about the now-closed Woonsocket High/Middle School has gained it's $4,000 in funding needed for a premiere, according the the Kickstarter website. An e-mail was sent to backers Tuesday. Filmmakers Scott Gabrielson and Jason Allard will hold the premiere Saturday night, Oct... more