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Al Alix on why he ditched council ambitions

Al Alix, the lifelong Pawtucket resident who's suing the city over its pit bull ban, has been campaigning for months to win the District 1 seat held by City Council President David Moran. Alix told me on a number of occasions that he was running because people like Moran have been in office too long and have lost touch with the concerns of their constituents. He said as recently as late last week that Pawtucket needs term limits for politicians like Moran, who was first sworn in back in 1992.

The council campaign went up in smoke Tuesday when Alix went to Pawtucket City Hall and filed declaration papers to run for School Committee. I asked him about the abrupt switch on Facebook later in the afternoon, and the following is what he had to say:

"When I heard 5 vacancies on school committee I really didn't think there would be enough candidates. WRONG! I think 11 of us right now. I gave it a lot of thought and spoke to knowledgeable people that I trust. I've been selling (the) Pawtucket school system as Realtor in Pawtucket since 1978, attended our schools and so did my 3 daughters. I have family members and many friends who are teachers. Have access 2 a couple of (superintendents) of schools. I'm ready to serve the children of Pawtucket."

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