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The Back Story: Is this sign bugging you?

The thing about roadway signs is how they begin to blend into the landscape. And no matter how ugly, it seems you begin to not see it anymore.

That’s the case, I guess, with this broken sign on Route 116 in Lincoln, one of the main gateways into town.

Actually, if you’re driving from Ashton into Lincoln, you’re greeted with not one but a series of dismaying messages.

First a disclaimer: There’s a snide truism about newsrooms that says something like “news is what the editor drives by on her way to work.” It’s a reference to the sorry state of editors stuck behind desks while reporters roam the region doing stories.

So it’s with some hesitation that I raise this but as I drive every morning to our office at 6 Blackstone Valley Place in Lincoln, I’m first hit with a no-littering sign.

And that’s ironic considering what comes next.

• The decrepit “flashing when school in session” that hasn’t worked in years. (There’s one on the opposite side of Route 116, too.)

• Then this broken sign leftover from years ago when the state Department of Transportation was working on the Route 146 interchange.

• And finally the “work ahead, fines doubled” message, that again refers to highway work of years past. Perhaps from as long ago as 2006.

I asked Lincoln Town Administrator Joe Almond if he minded this highway eyesore.

He said first that he’d long ago stopped noticing, but now that I’d asked they’re bugging him, too. He’ll be chasing down the DOT to remove them.

“They’ve been there for years. And God knows when the last time those school signs were blinking,” he said.

I’m going to try asking the state DOT to respond, too. Let’s see how I do.

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