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The Back Story: Textbook rumor unfounded

There’s a woman somewhere in town, who’s apparently the mom of a Cumberland High School freshman, who’s managed to stir up Town Council, School Committee and even The Valley Breeze office with her passionate claims that freshman don’t have textbooks this year.

That’s prompted Supt. Phil Thornton to survey every freshman teacher at CHS, he says, where he found no evidence of missing texts.

In fact, he said, he has an account set aside just to purchase an occasional textbook if a class happens to run short.

“I’m not going to have a kid without a textbook,” he said flatly.

What’s frustrating is that the woman is so determined to complain, yet leaves no name with anyone. The Breeze was left with phone messages while others received emails that seem lead no where.

The bottom line - if you’re hearing that rumor, it’s not true, says Thornton.

No one, however, is refuting the related complaint that some textbooks are too old.

And about that problem: Coming up soon, the school board members will be reviewing a text of their own, “Every Child, Every Day,” by a North Carolina school superintendent who, despite limited resources, purchased computers for every child. According to the book jacket, the book “gives readers a look at the visionary success factors that worked together to produce positive results – a culture of caring, digital resources, a relentless focus on data, leadership at all levels, and student-centered learning.”

Watch for workshop discussions that might be signalling a new direction for Cumberland schools.

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