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The Back Story: Two down, one to go

I’m back in town after a 10-day vacation (Greek islands cruise that I highly recommend) to find the state Department of Transportation has removed the two old construction signs on Route 116 that I complained about. Town Administrator Joe Almond and state Sen. Ryan Pearson both lent their muscle to this little victory over roadway pollution.

But still offending drivers, at least me, are the broken down signs calling for reduced speeds when the high school is in session. They haven't, of course, blinked in years.

State officials are saying this is the town’s problem.

But Joe Almond tells me he isn’t so sure. The 116 lights could belong to RIDOT, the town, or the school, he says. Almond says he rejects the DOT’s blanket position that all these school signs belong to municipalities. He'll be doing more research before acquiescing.

If it turn out that the town is responsible then he will will work with Supt. Georgia Fortunato to decide if they’re really needed, the cost of repair and who will pay the bill.

Stay tuned, as they say.

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