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Baron's humility, kindness will be sorely missed

Since news of his death broke on Tuesday, many have fittingly referred to Jim Baron as a "legendary" reporter with an unquestioned work ethic. This was a man who wore out more than his share of shoes to get the stories that held officials accountable, to bring up the tough questions that others might be too afraid or oblivious to ask.

But Baron was more than that. He was supremely gracious, and exceedingly humble. He had a way about him that instantly made you feel at ease.

As Baron's former Pawtucket Times colleague Donna Kenny Kirwan puts it, he was a "true gentleman" to all, "a kind man who always took the time to share his vast knowledge with other reporters."

She's right. But Baron wasn't the type to beat his chest and boast about his greatness, or to hit young reporters over the head with his deep expertise on all things Rhode Island politics. When I met Baron, all he wanted to do was talk about me and my stories, asking questions about how I went about writing them. A man who could run circles around me genuinely cared what I had to say.

Even more than Baron's superb wit and excellent analysis in his writing, I'll miss the man behind the pen, the one who exuded kindness and grace with every ounce of his being.

You will be missed, Jim Baron. You have left very big - and very worn - shoes to fill.

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