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Cano blames attorney for OMA violation

Sandra Cano, a Pawtucket School Committee member who is running for City Council, is the first school board member to make public comment on the committee's second violation of the Open Meetings Act since last year.

Cano told me Friday that she puts the blame for the violation on former school attorney Stephen Robinson for not properly advising members during a Feb. 11 meeting at which they held a lengthy illegal discussion behind closed doors. Robinson should have advised the committee against having the discussion, she said.

Cano said she doesn't anticipate any further problems with compliance now that Robinson is no longer advising the committee and Jon Anderson has been hired.

"I think the new legal representation for the school board will make sure that kind of incident won't happen again," she said.

Read more about the latest OMA violation here.

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So it's sounds like Cano knows that the meeting was in violation and should have been public yet blames the attorney. I think that any member on the committee should know the meeting laws. Always easy to blame others. Great 1st impression. And this is a person we want to represent our city?