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Citizens keeping watchful eye on Grebien

I've received plenty of news tips over the years. Many I've been able to use, many I've not, but I appreciate all of them because it means people are paying attention. The following tip, received in a postcard on Nov. 22, might be one of my favorite:

Mr. Ethan Shorey,
We have been reading your articles on Mayor Donald Grebien's weight. The mayor was seen bringing clothing to Sado's Tailor Shop, 23 Dexter St., for repair. We called Mr. Sado and he confirmed. Please call and confirm. There are a lot of watchful eyes next door at the high-rise apartments.

-A Watchful Eye

Mayor, if you were concerned that residents might not take your request that they keep you accountable seriously, be concerned no longer. The people of Pawtucket are watching your weight very closely.

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