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Clerk who released 38 Studios docs once wanted 38 Studios in Pawtucket

There are all kinds of fun little snippets coming out after the release of the 38 Studios depositions this week. One of the "only in Rhode Island" tidbits was that Henry Kinch Jr., the court clerk who prepared the documents for release, once invited the video game company to Pawtucket when he was president of the City Council there.

In a letter back in March of 2010, Kinch urged retired Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling to consider moving his Massachusetts-based 38 Studios to Pawtucket.

"As president of the Pawtucket City Council, I understand the huge challenges and responsibilities of trying to find suitable facilities for a start-up design company," wrote Kinch. "I believe the city of Pawtucket, located next door to the state of Massachusetts, would be an ideal fit for 38 Studios."

Pawtucket, "the birthplace of the first textile mill in America, offers many financial programs and services to attract start-up companies to our city," wrote Kinch. "Additionally, I believe the association between 38 Studios and the Pawtucket Red Sox will be a natual fit for your organization."

Kinch was quick to clarify that he was only looking to build Pawtucket's business base.

"Right move to pursue an economic development project in Pawtucket," he tweeted in reply to my tweet. "I never supported the loan guarantee. Glad to clarify."


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