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Coughlin won't say if he's running for Coderre's seat

Pawtucket School Committee member David Coughlin, rumored to have an interest in running for retiring Rep. Elaine Coderre's District 60 seat in the House of Representatives, says he won't reveal his intentions until after the weekend. The following is what I received from Coughlin as a response to my inquiry about his plans:

"With all due respect to you and the members of the press, this weekend is a time in which I believe we should all focus on Rep. Elaine Coderre's outstanding 30 years of service to Pawtucket and our state in the General Assembly, and not on those who may wish to succeed Elaine in our House of Representatives.

To say the least, Elaine has served us well with dignity and integrity, while compiling a record of impressive accomplishments in our House of Representatives.

Because this is my belief, I shall have no comment affirming or denying my candidacy for representative or Pawtucket School Committee until Monday a.m.

Thank you for asking."

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