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Doyle fundraiser speaks volumes

Question answered.

Back in March, after our story on Pawtucket Sen. Jamie Doyle failing to pay Scituate businesswoman Melissa Bruno, we reached out to Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed to ask her about Doyle's status on the Senate Finance Committee. Either way, whether Paiva Weed thought he should stay or go, we felt she should say something on the matter.

Paiva Weed said nothing.

On April 8, I gave Greg Pare, director of communications for Paiva Weed's office, another chance to let Paiva Weed say her piece on Doyle. He informed me he had given her my question. But there was silence.

On April 22, we informed Paiva Weed's office that we wouldn't be running any more General Assembly press releases on behalf of Doyle until we received an answer to our question. The answer could have simply been, "I trust Jamie Doyle's judgment when it comes to state finances." Still nothing from her office.

In May, I wrote another story about Doyle making his first payment to Bruno and recapped a WPRI report about his $100,000 in debt and his failure to disclose it all on his ethics filings. Doyle, who had previously faced criticism over how he spent most of campaign finances on going out to eat, was forced to start paying Bruno after failing to pay her for two years. His attorney criticized Bruno for creating a "circus," and said she probably would have been paid sooner if she hadn't taken the Pawtucket senator to court.

Doyle had previously lashed out at a Pawtucket business owner after she questioned why he wouldn't return her calls of concern over truck tolls. He suggested on the Senate floor that she was a "stalker."

Fast forward to Thursday, June 23, and a fundraiser for Doyle hosted by Paiva Weed and Senate Majority Leader Dominick Ruggerio. An invitation from Paiva Weed and Ruggerio asking Senate Democrats to the luncheon in Providence makes it clear what Paiva Weed thinks of Doyle, calling him a "dedicated senator representing the city of Pawtucket and a valued member of our team since first being elected in 2004." It reminds invitees that Doyle serves as senior deputy majority leader and as member of the Senate Committees on Finance and Labor.


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How can anyone excuse this type of behavior...

Of course, the Senate President loves Jamie. He'll rubber stamp anything just as long as you give him money to go out to dinner!

Oh Jamie, Jamie, Jamie. You think I'm going to let you escape paying my wife's debt. What was it, game 2 of the world series that you and Jackie went to the year the court said to start paying us. Let me give you a quote and it's not from Kid Rock it's from me, "I have a new collection agency and you're not going to like them"