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Tuesday, December 27

Did you know that 48 percent of parents plan to count down the last 10 seconds of 2016 with their children at 9 p.m.? Or that 30 percent of Americans fall asleep before midnight on New Year's Eve? Or how about that 20 percent of all charitable contributions are made in the last 48 hours of the year?

WalletHub is out with a great new infographic showing some fun facts related to the New Year's holiday. Did...


Saturday, December 3

One of my favorite activities is to ask simple questions in response to people's crazy assertions on Facebook. Usually it goes something like one of these: Do you have any examples? What story are you referring to? Where did you hear that? Nothing accusatory, just the basics.

The responses are often hilarious and ridiculous, proving again and again that we're living in a world where facts are things to be sniffed at. A New Yorker Cartoon had it right. "I'm sorry, Jeannie, your answer...


Thursday, November 24

As you prepare to shop until you drop, we hope you'll check out The Breeze Holiday Gift Guide to see what local businesses are offering this holiday season. Just click the arrow to read right through. You supporting our advertisers makes it possible to put out this great paper each week.

Monday, November 21

Heading into work this morning, I decided on a whim to check Lite Rock 105 to see if the Christmas music was on yet. Sure it's three days before Thanksgiving, but worth a shot, right? And there it was, some hokey holiday song that I didn't even like all that much, but left it on for the rest of my ride in.

I'm the guy who listens to Christmas music from Halloween through January, but I certainly understand that's not everyone's cup of tea. I've heard all kinds of opinions on this...


Monday, November 21

Obvious statement of the year: Patriots fans are spoiled.

While fans of other teams are wondering how they'll find their quarterback of the future or moaning about their defense resembling swiss cheese, the Pats have racked up a record of 8-2, most recently beating the 49ers by a score of 30-17 on Sunday.

Yet the first comment I read on Monday morning is from a Patriots fan who didn't find the win convincing enough. Another agreed, saying they should have won by much more....


Friday, November 11

Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump handily in Rhode Island, 53.8 percent to 39.5 percent, but the president-elect would have won locally if the only communities to vote were 10 of the 11 covered by The Breeze.

Clinton had 53,139 votes from all 11 cities and towns covered by the paper, compared to 47,164 votes for Trump. Without Pawtucket factored in, Trump would have held the edge, taking 41,359 votes to Clinton’s 38,676 votes.

Of the 11 communities, only four went Clinton’s way...


Tuesday, November 1

Those who know John Arcaro know he marches to the beat of his own drum. The Pawtucket resident running for mayor under the "Sick of Scandals" party has spent much of his adult life challenging incumbent Democrats, and he's back at it again in 2016.

Arcaro has taken distinct campaigning style to another level with his new commercial promoting himself as "lean, clean, fighting the machine," even shedding his shirt for the performance.

Check it out.

... more

Tuesday, October 25

I'm not going to get into all the details of the Great Yoga Pants Debate, but I must counter one statement that I've seen all over the internet since the guy from Barrington drew the wrath of women everywhere with his comments about what they shouldn't wear.

I can't tell you how many women I've seen saying that women don't tell men what to wear.

"I can imagine the outrage if a woman wrote a similar piece decrying backward baseball caps or hoodies on men," wrote one woman in...


Tuesday, September 13

Those who have followed the North Providence mayoral race have seen two candidates with dramatically different approaches. Challenger Kristen Catanzaro has characterized the town as an undesirable place in need of having its beauty restored. Incumbent Charles Lombardi has emphasized what he says is going right, including the saving and beautifying of the former Camp Meehan property as the town's biggest park.

The candidates' strategies were again apparent during a Sept. 9 debate on...


Thursday, September 1

Rico Vota, communications and constituent affairs officer for Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien since February of 2015, has landed a new position in Gov. Gina Raimondo's office as the new "community affairs & outreach manager." He starts the new job Sept. 6.

Vota, who previously ran the successful campaign for Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea in 2014, will report to Gabe Amore, the governor's director of public engagement. Norm Birenbaum has transitioned out of Raimondo's outreach...