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Thursday, July 24

Election season brings with it everything from campaign literature to campaign yard signs, dinnertime poll questions to dinnertime door knocks, candidates waving on street corners to candidates jumping in every picture possible.

Just about everyone has their own thoughts on what a candidate should or shouldn't do. For example, one guy I spoke with recently commended a candidate for being out on the sidewalk waving to drivers, but suggested that his wave was "too forceful" and that "...


Tuesday, July 15

North Providence Town Councilor Dino Autiello has referred to the local political scene as a "toxic" environment where little is getting done due to incessant battling between his Town Council and the Lombardi administration.

The following clip from a meeting last week illustrates well what Autiello is talking about. Director of Administration Dick Fossa and Council President Kristen Catanzaro are going at it about Catanzaro's treatment of Finance Director Justin Cambio.

... more

Friday, June 27

Much is being made about the lack of candidates declaring their intention to run for public office by the June 25 deadline. Some are suggesting that the shortage could mean that people just aren't as angry about the state's condition as one might believe. Others say that Rhode Islanders just don't care enough to get involved or have given up on fixing things.

Republican Minority Leader Brian Newberry, of House District 48, suggested on Twitter that many people want to run but are...


Wednesday, June 25

Al Alix, the lifelong Pawtucket resident who's suing the city over its pit bull ban, has been campaigning for months to win the District 1 seat held by City Council President David Moran. Alix told me on a number of occasions that he was running because people like Moran have been in office too long and have lost touch with the concerns of their constituents. He said as recently as late last week that Pawtucket needs term limits for politicians like Moran, who was first sworn in back in 1992...


Tuesday, June 24

The last time I wrote about Amy Breault-Zolt, she was pleading no contest to felony stalking charges. The former member of the Pawtucket School Committee chose not to seek re-election in 2010 after deciding not to fight charges that she repeatedly stalked school janitor Robert Cote after he broke off an affair between them in 2009.

Breault-Zolt is back, this time as just Amy Zolt. Registrar Ken McGill said she joined an increasingly crowded field of candidates for School Committee by...


Monday, June 23

Now that the weekend's over, Pawtucket School Committee member David Coughlin is willing to go public about his plans to run for the House District 60 seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Elaine Coderre. Coughlin had said last Friday that he would make no announcement until after the weekend out of respect for Coderre and her "outstanding 30 years of service to Pawtucket and our state."

But the veteran school board member is now ready to make it official, saying he'll send out a news...


Friday, June 20

Pawtucket School Committee member David Coughlin, rumored to have an interest in running for retiring Rep. Elaine Coderre's District 60 seat in the House of Representatives, says he won't reveal his intentions until after the weekend. The following is what I received from Coughlin as a response to my inquiry about his plans:

"With all due respect to you and the members of the press, this weekend is a time in which I believe we should all focus on Rep. Elaine Coderre's outstanding 30...


Thursday, June 19

State Rep. J. Patrick O’Neill says he plans to defend his House District 59 seat this fall. He said his decision to put his Pawtucket home on the market this month has no bearing on his plan to run again.

O’Neill listed his 35 Sterling St. at $279,900 on June 9. He said Thursday that he’ll be filing his declaration papers to run again at the start of the declaration period “first thing Monday morning.”

Listing the Sterling Street home for sale should be seen only as “trying to...


Thursday, June 19

Many will remember Paul Caranci as the man who helped take down three former North Providence Town Council members for corruption by turning them in to the FBI. Without Caranci and his work to record the councilmen, those convictions would have been a whole lot harder to achieve.

Caranci tells me he was both "shocked" and "thrilled" to learn that someone had nominated him for the Margaret Chase Smith American Democracy Award, especially since no one had ever been nominated as a member...


Tuesday, June 17

The hotly contested GOP primary campaign between Allan Fung and Ken Block was on full display Tuesday evening during a televised debate on WPRI.

The two candidates came out aggressive early, repeating the criticisms they've leveled throughout the campaign. Fung harped on Block's lack of experience in governing and his previous support for President Obama, while Block tied Fung to the "political insiders" he says have crippled the state and accused him of poor leadership during the...