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Thursday, April 17

Sometimes you don't realize how much "little" local decisions can impact your life until they come back and smack you in the face. Some North Providence residents are about to deal with that reality after someone in the distant past failed to come up with new names for four streets. Whether through a lack of creative thinking, lack of knowing or lack of caring, someone made the decision to give the same name to multiple streets.

Read my story on the situation...


Wednesday, March 26

In honor the Red Sox season getting started, I found this little compilation of hits from the team's 2013 World Series run to get everyone's juices flowing. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 13

Since before my first son was even born, I’ve dreamed of taking him to a ballgame at McCoy Stadium. It’s hard to believe he'll finally be old enough to go see the PawSox this summer.

Based on my boy’s reaction to dump trucks, zoo animals and cotton candy, I can't imagine the look on his face when he sees a baseball go rocketing over the wall for the first time. I have no trouble admitting that I’ll probably shed a tear when I see his reaction.

Baseball season is my favorite...


Tuesday, February 25

I found it such a fascinating story that I never needed the finer details. I’d sit on my grandfather’s lap and listen to him tell how he was one of the few people in the stands the day Ted Williams got his 1,000th extra base hit.

Somehow I always pictured him leaping for the home run ball, but my Grampie, rarely one to make himself look better than he was, would always remind me how he actually reached down between a crowds of kids to snatch it away.

Fenway Park officials...


Thursday, February 6

Some North Providence residents have suggested that local police are spending their Google money like “drunken sailors” on all the shiny new items they can get their hands on, from state-of-the-art cars and guns, to computers and tasers.

Chief Paul Martellini insists that he is focused on addressing needs over wants, that wisely setting his department up to have great resources for years to come is his highest priority with the money. But Martellini has also pointed out that his...


Tuesday, February 4

Many of you probably know by now that two of my favorite activities are to grill good food and to follow wild winter weather as closely as possible.

What better way to enjoy these simple pleasures, I thought a while back, than to create a couple Twitter hashtags to get my friends in on the fun.

The #ForeShoreCast, an amateur weather forecast I like to think is slightly more accurate than some of the hype you’ll see out there, and #WinterGrillingRI, where semi-crazy New...


Saturday, January 25

The new $4.3 million Conant Street Railroad Bridge in Pawtucket took 25 years to complete, so it only stands to reason that some city residents would inspect the structure with a critical eye.

After hearing from one of my trusty tipsters that a “little bird” informed him that the metal on the bridge is “totally rusty,” I thought a little explanation might be helpful.

For anyone concerned at the fact that the new bridge has rusted over just a month after it opened, fear no...


Thursday, January 9

The early inner workings of the Republican primary battle between gubernatorial candidates Allan Fung and Ken Block hit the public eye during a Jan. 7 discussion on Twitter.

Scott Rotondo, head of the Pawtucket GOP, started it off by inviting The Breeze to a Jan. 14 meeting where he said Block will be addressing the local group. I asked Rotondo whether the city’s GOP has endorsed Block or Fung, and he said that the decision will be made following Block’s presentation.



Thursday, January 2

PROVIDENCE – The Rhode Island General Assembly opened its 2014 session on Tuesday, Jan. 7, with both the House of Representatives and the Senate convening to begin the work of the new legislative year.

For some of you, watching a General Assembly session on TV might be akin to getting a root canal. For those, as well as the hardcore political observers, we at The Breeze will be watching and updating you in our papers and right here at www....


Friday, November 22

I've received plenty of news tips over the years. Many I've been able to use, many I've not, but I appreciate all of them because it means people are paying attention. The following tip, received in a postcard on Nov. 22, might be one of my favorite:

Mr. Ethan Shorey,
We have been reading your articles on Mayor Donald Grebien's weight. The mayor was seen bringing clothing to Sado's Tailor Shop, 23 Dexter St., for repair. We called Mr. Sado and he confirmed. Please call and...