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Friday, November 22

I've received plenty of news tips over the years. Many I've been able to use, many I've not, but I appreciate all of them because it means people are paying attention. The following tip, received in a postcard on Nov. 22, might be one of my favorite:

Mr. Ethan Shorey,
We have been reading your articles on Mayor Donald Grebien's weight. The mayor was seen bringing clothing to Sado's Tailor Shop, 23 Dexter St., for repair. We called Mr. Sado and he confirmed. Please call and...


Tuesday, November 19

President Obama is being taken to task by many for problems associated with the rollout of his Affordable Care Act, particularly for people who are losing their health insurance plans after he said they wouldn’t.

Now some Rhode Islanders, including leaders of the Rhode Island Tea Party, are asking how much members of Rhode Island’s Congressional delegation knew about the pitfalls of the health care law even as they supported it.

I’ve reached out to all members of the state’s...


Thursday, November 14

"Distracted driving" seems to be reaching epidemic levels. And it's not just the texting while driving that we hear so much about, but the Facebooking, Snapchatting, Twittering, Pinteresting, and Vining that must be attended to every moment of the day. Far too many people, young and old alike, seem more interested in what's on their gadget at a particular moment than who is walking across the street in front of them.

There may not always be an injury resulting from an incident of...


Wednesday, November 6

Those of you who have ever been pregnant know that some people tend to make really annoying comments, often saying things that they would never dream of saying to a non-pregnant person.

With my lovely wife now carrying our second son, and some of her friends also moving toward their due date, I’ve been compiling a list of some of the most annoying comments said to them. Several are quite common. Enjoy.

• You look like you might pop!
• You’re getting so big.
• It...


Wednesday, October 16

PAWTUCKET – Over the summer I wrote about how Wayne Losey and Tucker Johnson, of Pawtucket-based Dynamo Development Labs, had received the $12,000 they needed through a Kickstarter campaign to launch their "ModiBot Mo" action figure line (

This week, as promised, my action figure came in the mail, and it's every bit as functional as Losey and Johnson said it would be. The molded plastic body and cool 3D-printed accessories...


Friday, October 11

PAWTUCKET – I wrote a story this week on the impact of the federal government shutdown on two prominent Pawtucket businesses, the Comfort Inn and Collette Vacations (, but it turns out an upstart brewery in the city is also being hurt by the ongoing standoff.

Nick Garrison, of Foolproof Brewing on Grotto Avenue, said that the government shutdown is holding up the brewery's new batch of Revery Russian Imperial Stout.



Thursday, October 10

I’m not sure anyone who’s ever been to Pawtucket thinks of it as "a great place to gawk at fiery fall foliage as you hike or bike riverside and back-country paths..."

I’ve seen some "travel and leisure" pieces that were pretty off target, but this one that keeps showing up in my inbox makes Pawtucket sound like the scenic cycling capital of the world.

There are plenty of reasons to come to the city, like McCoy Stadium,...


Friday, October 4

There's been plenty of chatter about how the federal government shutdown is a national problem that will potentially hurt the U.S. economy to the tune of billions of dollars.

But Patti McAlpine, sales manager at the Comfort Inn on George Street, told me on Friday that the shutdown that started earlier in the week is being felt in a big way at the city's only hotel.

McAlpine said she had booked a business for five rooms starting Oct. 6 and running all the way to Dec. 12. The...


Thursday, September 19

I'll admit that I have a bit of an obsession with traffic lights. These inanimate objects hold so much power to control daily life, but we often barely notice them as we go about our business. A traffic signal left unattended, over a period of years, can get so far off its original program that it starts backing up traffic for blocks - every day.

Last June I reached out to officials from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation to see if anything could be done about the lengthy...


Saturday, September 14

Pawtucket school officials have issued their rebuttal to my open meetings complaint about being locked out of the Aug. 8 School Committee meeting. Among other findings to be gleaned from surveillance photos presented to the attorney general's office, I actually arrived at the door of the meeting at 6:02 p.m. and not 6 p.m. as I stated in my complaint.

School officials are basically claiming that the buzzer at the door of the central administration building was working just before I...