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Thursday, September 5

Pawtucket School Committee member David Coughlin thanked The Valley Breeze this week for a story informing the public about our open meetings complaint against the school board he serves on. An email from Coughlin was copied to other School Committee members and administrators.

"Had I not read this article in the Valley Breeze today I would not have known this (Open Meetings Act) complaint had been filed with the Rhode Island Attorney General's Office," he wrote. "The School Committee... more

Opening day of the 2013 National Football League season is here, and with it the remote possibility of fantasy football glory. I've played enough fantasy football to know how fluky the phenomenon can be, which makes me that much more worried about this week one in the family fantasy league.

You see, I just found out I'm playing against my wife.

Most people would be thrilled to match up against a fantasy football rookie who used a decent pick to take third-string quarterback Tim... more

Monday, September 2

Lisa Pinsonneault, special assistant attorney general for the state of Rhode Island, has informed me that her office is now proceeding with an investigation of my open records complaint against the Pawtucket School Committee.

On Aug. 8, I informed the attorney general's office that I had been locked out of a School Committee meeting on Aug. 6. I repeatedly hit the buzzer at the entrance of the school administration building, an alternative site for school board meetings, and also... more

Sunday, September 1

Coordinators of the 2013 Pawtucket Arts Festival are making it easier than ever to volunteer by creating a convenient sign-up page, Pick an event, select a day, and choose a time that works best for you.

The city's month-long festival of the arts doesn't run each year without its volunteers. Would you consider helping out?

Saturday, August 31

Insurance companies generally go to great lengths to get it right, especially when it comes to limiting costly claims against them. So when a company won't insure a certain breed of dog on a homeowner’s policy, should that tell us something about the dog?

A local insurance agent told me that his company, and many others, have pit bulls at the top of their list of banned dog breeds because experts in the business believe they represent the greatest risk of an insurance claim and loss.... more

Thursday, August 29

Check out Avery Bradley (sort of) telling me how good he thinks the Celtics can be in the 2013-2014 season...

It’s hard to believe that four years have passed since the first Pawtucket edition of The Valley Breeze hit the streets. I'll never forget that first Wednesday watching nervously as I waited to see if the people of this great city would decide that our product was worthy of their time and attention.

We knew before we launched that Pawtucket and its people would offer a wealth of stories, and have certainly not been disappointed. Our hope is that those stories have made a positive... more