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Tuesday, December 23

UPDATE: My boy got his vacuum, and the picture from just after he opened it says it all.

With Christmas approaching, I decided to revive a little piece I wrote for the special Breeze Christmas section this year. Please enjoy.

If the experts are to be believed, 3-year-old boys this year are dreaming of John Deere deluxe talking toolbelts, Batman cape sets, Mr. Potato Head Transformers Mixables, and something called a Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Kit.



Monday, December 22

The chance of a white Christmas in 2014 is near zero. High temperatures for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are expected to reach the mid-50s, with a strong chance of rain both days. Rain could be accompanied by thunder on Dec. 24.

Thursday, December 18

Gas prices in the Ocean State continue to plummet, a welcome trend to those looking for extra spending dollars during the holiday season. Prices were down another 11 cents as of Monday, Dec. 15, and continue to fall at gas stations across the area.

Reports from some of my Twitter followers:

Dan Meuse, a health policy and tech nerd, shared a price of $2.39 in Cranston.

Eric Rueb, a freelance journalist, claimed a price of $2.49 at a...


Tuesday, December 2

Are Rhode Islanders doing a better job of holding their government accountable? Is government just messing up more than usual?

According to the Office of the Rhode Island Attorney General, the state is on pace for more open meetings and open records complaints in 2014 than in any of the previous four years, with 114 complaints filed with that office as of Dec. 2, compared to just 89 complaints in all of 2013.

Pawtucket attorney Mark McBurney told The Breeze he's...


Tuesday, December 2

Representatives from the Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket are officially launching the public portion of their "Building Better Futures Campaign." The funds raised will help pay for the expansion and renovation of organization's new clubhouse, due to be finished in January. Even a $10 gift will make a big difference, according to staff.

For more information and to donate, click here, email


Wednesday, November 26

This year I'm thankful for a whole lot of things, but I want to take a moment to offer a note of gratitude to our readers, the people who make The Valley Breeze and all it represents possible. Thank you, and a very happy holidays to you and your family.

Wednesday, November 26

During each of her two pregnancies, my wife ate olives like they were going out of style, hoping that by doing so her two boys would end up loving them as much as she does. I kept saying it wouldn't work, that the anti-olive genes in my taste buds would win, but she refused to believe me.

Olives of the black and green variety have always been a big staple at her family's holiday gatherings, where at mine they were considered one of those "no thank you portion" kind of items. My wife...


Thursday, November 20

Pawtucket police are trained to deal with the unexpected, but even they are sometimes left shaking their heads. One recent incident gives new meaning to the phrase, "crime of opportunity."

On Sep. 23, a South Street resident called police to report that someone had trashed her house. Police responded to get the details and start an investigation.

It seems the woman had met a man online, and knew only his first name. After the two woke up on the morning of Sep. 23, she told the...


Saturday, November 15

Now that the November election is come and gone, I've had a chance to go back over some of the notes I jotted down as I was listening to the various campaigns. One interview I found particularly interesting was with eventual secretary of state winner Nellie Gorbea on WNRI radio in Woonsocket a few days before the election.

Gorbea talked at length about Rhode Island's diminishing press corps, lamenting the fact that government is not being held as accountable as it should be as some...


Tuesday, November 4

Police in North Providence tell me they’ve decided not to charge School Committee member Rod DaSilva with theft after he was caught Tuesday morning taking 16 of Town Council candidate Shane Piche’s campaign signs.

DaSilva was caught “red-handed” by Mayor Charles Lombardi, said Piche. He doesn't believe DaSilva ever would never have returned the signs if he hadn’t been caught.

Deputy Police Chief Chris Pelagio said the signs were pulled from the ground near the corner of...