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FBI informant Caranci honored

Many will remember Paul Caranci as the man who helped take down three former North Providence Town Council members for corruption by turning them in to the FBI. Without Caranci and his work to record the councilmen, those convictions would have been a whole lot harder to achieve.

Caranci tells me he was both "shocked" and "thrilled" to learn that someone had nominated him for the Margaret Chase Smith American Democracy Award, especially since no one had ever been nominated as a member of a secretary of state's staff. This has been a long three years since those convictions, full of verbal attacks aimed at him and physical attacks on his property, said Caranci, but he doesn't regret for one minute that he turned his colleagues in.

You can read more about his nomination here.

Also, Ed Fitzpatrick from The Providence Journal has a nice piece on why everyone should embrace the courage Caranci showed. Read it here.

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