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GOP contenders take their shots

The hotly contested GOP primary campaign between Allan Fung and Ken Block was on full display Tuesday evening during a televised debate on WPRI.

The two candidates came out aggressive early, repeating the criticisms they've leveled throughout the campaign. Fung harped on Block's lack of experience in governing and his previous support for President Obama, while Block tied Fung to the "political insiders" he says have crippled the state and accused him of poor leadership during the Cranston ticket scandal.

Both men focused heavily on the economy and jobs, emphasizing their qualifications in both areas. While they agreed on many key points, each questioned the motives of the other on multiple occasions.

Watch the full 60-minute debate here.

The following is a selection of my edited tweets from the early part of the debate.

Fung: #1 issue in this election is jobs. I’ve done it in Cranston, and I can do it for RI.

Block: I’m running because I don’t want to see my kids leave. We need to make RI competitive. Career insiders have hurt our state.

Fung thumbs his nose at Pants on Fire rating. "I stand by" Blockhead ads.

Fung says shame on Block for not doing his homework (on Obama, Obamacare).

Block brings up Fung donations to Democrats, throws a punch by connecting him to"Mr. Obamacare" Harry Reid.

Fung: Everything coming out of Block's mouth needs to be examined thoroughly.

Block says he understands concern about connection to Obama. I have plan to save $1 billion.

Block attacks waste and fraud as biggest savings number in state budget.

Fung on spending cuts to fund tax cuts: They'll make us one of most competitive in Northeast. 5 percent reduction in personnel costs etc.

Fung: You need dedication, detail and experience when you attack budgets. Calls Block plan "bogus."

Block gives Carcieri a B-, Fung (gives Carcieri) a C.

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