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GOP's Lemois looking to make waves in Pawtucket

The Pawtucket GOP has become much more active in their home city since Scott Rotondo took over more than a year ago, and Rotondo is promising that members of the small but active group will make noise in the 2014 elections. They may not win, says Rotondo, but people will know who they are.

Rotondo informed me on Friday that Sen. Donna Nesselbush, a Democrat serving District 15 in Pawtucket and North Providence, would have a Republican opponent in 2014. Steve Lemois is a Pawtucket GOP member who bills himself as the "Conservative Marine" on Twitter, where he's garnered more than 11,400 followers.

Lemois, who has a picture of an elephant with the words "hardcore conservative" as his Facebook profile picture, immediately made waves in cyberspace after I made it known that he was running.

"This will NOT be a quiet and normal RI Senate race," he posted. "I WANT her seat."

Lemois attended St. Raphael Academy before dropping out during his senior year to join the Marines. He is calling for unification in the Rhode Island Republican party, tax reform, and restoration of trust in government, among other things. He's taking issue with Nesselbush being a lawyer, Pawtucket associate judge, and state senator, pointing out that there is no separation of powers.

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