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Grebien faces little opposition

Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien will hold a campaign kickoff event at Slater Mill Tuesday night to announce he'll seek his fourth term as mayor. For now it looks like he doesn't have to worry much about someone unseating him.

One of the people most often connected to a possible run at Grebien is former City Council President Henry Kinch Jr., his opponent in the 2010 election and someone who has been highly critical of the mayor on many fronts. Kinch tells me he won’t be running for mayor in 2016, as he’s in the middle of a number of work projects and his children don’t want him to run.

Kinch did say that his phone “has been ringing off the hook” with people asking him to run, and "I am confident the race would be more than competitive.”

Others have hinted at possible candidates to challenge Grebien, but so far none have come forward publicly.

Grebien says he’s confident heading into the fall elections. His record over nearly three terms is one of fiscal responsibility, economic development, maximizing resources, and improving infrastructure and services, he said.

Pawtucket is on its way up, said the mayor, which is why he’s going with the campaign slogan “real progress, real results, proven leadership.”


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