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Grebien to Lucchino: Let us see PawSox study

Mayor Don Grebien wasted little time reaching out to Pawtucket Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino following the death of team President Jim Skeffington.

In a letter to Lucchino last Friday, he made it clear that Pawtucket very much wants to keep the team and he still wants the chance to make the city’s case.

Members of his administration have made “several requests” to meet and discuss the situation with team executives, said Grebien, but to no avail. Of particular interest to the mayor is a feasibility study commissioned by the new team owners that reportedly found it would take $65 million in renovations to get McCoy Stadium up to acceptable standards, a study team owners have declined to release.

“The reason for this request is not to question your figures, but rather to serve the city and help gain a better understanding of what the true needs and costs associated with the stadium are,” wrote Grebien. “In the interest of transparency, and as you try to rebuild a partnership with the state of Rhode Island, I believe that making the McCoy Stadium feasibility study available is critical to the vetting process of any potential agreement.”

(Speaking of McCoy, this doesn't help the city's cause.)

Lawmakers who would have to vote on an agreement with the PawSox for a stadium in Providence, along with all Rhode Islanders, “deserve access to such vital information,” said Grebien.

He then repeated his call for a special session of the General Assembly this summer to allow a “thorough period of examination” for any deal.

“Rhode Island and the city of Pawtucket have proudly carried the banner of Red Sox Nation for many years as the home of Boston’s Triple-A affiliate, the PawSox,” he wrote. “The brand of the Red Sox is something that the people of Pawtucket and the state of Rhode Island strongly identify with. I cannot overstate the support and passion for the PawSox that is ingrained in the fabric and culture of its residents.

“The fan base here in Pawtucket is second to none when it comes to supporting their team. Ben Mondor recognized and understood that. He helped foster that bond with the city and the state which is a big reason why he was so revered. I ask that you please be conscious of that sentiment as we move forward in our discussions.”

Grebien, who was originally upset when team owners waited until the night before their announcement that the team would be moved out of Pawtucket to tell him of the plan, said he looks forward to hearing back from Lucchino on a good time for them to meet and discuss the situation.


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Hey Mayor, how does it feel? You want answers and are being denied those answers. How IRONIC!!!!! Maybe I can contact this guy and make a deal....You answer questions that I have been asking for MONTHS and I will see if he will let you have a peek. Transparency? What a JOKE!!!!

Mayor answer all vary to the home society, where all the ironic guy well talked.

Very intresting where they can find $65 million for renovations to get McCoy Stadium.

It is so sad that the former owner passed away. It is the time of responsibility taking for the new boss. I hope he will fulfill his duties diligently.

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