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Here's why Doyle not personally responsible for debt

There's been some confusion about why Pawtucket Sen. Jamie Doyle won't be held personally responsible for his debt to Scituate business owner Melissa Bruno, despite initial claims otherwise. (read my most recent story here). Bruno originally agreed to a new payment plan from Doyle in part because she would be able to sue him personally, and not just his Doyle Respiratory, if he failed to follow through.

I emailed Bruno to ask her for more clarification on the issue. She responded that she messaged her attorney, Steven Hart, and asked him how she would hold Doyle personally responsible "when he fails the payment plan," since it wasn't entered into the court record.

The following was Hart's response to her:

“…I believe that I have an email from Attorney Longo (Doyle's attorney) wherein he reneges on the deal we made whereby Mr. Doyle would personally guarantee the debt. As you know, he refused to allow the language to guarantee the debt to be included in the court order. Although Mr. Doyle’s personal guarantee is probably meaningless in light of his recent disclosure of the enormous debt he has, it did sweeten the pot and was a major factor in our accepting his offer. He was going to draft the document which would have allowed me to bring him into the case personally. With it we could attach his real estate, bank accounts, wages, etc. Regrettably, he refuses to do so now…I generally trust an attorney when they give me their word. In this case, Attorney Longo has proven he doesn’t always keep his word. I agree with you…there won’t be any more deals."


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