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How cold is too cold for Christmas shopping?

Proving again that there's a survey for everything, The Weather Channel asked online users to say how cold is too cold to venture outside to get Christmas shopping done. Not surprisingly, Rhode Islanders are on the tougher end of the spectrum when it comes to braving the bitter temperatures, beating even New Hampshire on what they'll tolerate.

The findings from the survey show the influence that weather conditions have on the way consumers shop and what they choose to purchase. Below is the state-by-state breakdown for what consumers considered too cold to go holiday shopping.

32 degrees: California, Oklahoma
30 degrees: Florida
27 degrees: Texas, Arizona
26 degrees: Louisiana, Nevada, Georgia
23 degrees: Arkansas, Nebraska, South Carolina, Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee
21 degrees: Utah, Kentucky
20 degrees: Kansas
19 degrees: New Mexico, Washington, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina
18 degrees: Massachusetts, West Virginia
17 degrees: Delaware
16 degrees: Alabama, Missouri, South Dakota
15 degrees: New Jersey, Colorado, New York, New Hampshire
14 degrees: Pennsylvania
13 degrees: Ohio, Connecticut, Illinois
12 degrees: Indiana, Rhode Island
11 degrees: Michigan
9 degrees: Iowa
8 degrees: Maine
7 degrees: Minnesota, Idaho
6 degrees: North Dakota, Vermont
5 degrees: Wisconsin, Montana
4 degrees: Wyoming

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