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How early is too early for Christmas music?

Heading into work this morning, I decided on a whim to check Lite Rock 105 to see if the Christmas music was on yet. Sure it's three days before Thanksgiving, but worth a shot, right? And there it was, some hokey holiday song that I didn't even like all that much, but left it on for the rest of my ride in.

I'm the guy who listens to Christmas music from Halloween through January, but I certainly understand that's not everyone's cup of tea. I've heard all kinds of opinions on this topic:

• It's OK from Black Friday through Christmas Day.

• It's fine for the week leading up and the week after.

• I'm good with it for the month of December.

• The "holidays" start with Halloween.

• Christmas music never ends!

• I hate Christmas music. Turn it off.

Which category are you in?

Here are some responses from readers:

"I turn it on once in a while right after Halloween! I love it and enjoy listening to new artists' Christmas music for the new season!!!" - Scott Ethier

"As soon as dinner is cleaned up on Thursday, it's go time." - Meg Geoghegan

"Never too early! Been listening to this ("Behold" from Lauren Daigle) for at least a week." - Meredith McLendon

"Morning after Thanksgiving! An old New England tradition." - Nellie R.

"Dec. 1 until around Jan. 5." - Sandy Harnois

"Today is an OK start." - Michele Ricci

"Independence Day." - John Arcaro

"Anytime after Thanksgiving (Black Friday shopping music)." - Steven Himelfarb

"I'm good for a couple of weeks before (Christmas)..." - Henry Kinch Jr.

"August." - Kara Bettis

"Before Halloween is too early." - Shirley Arena

"Yes...three weeks prior is enough." - Marie Margiore

"Starts with Halloween." - Danielle Fitzgerald

"I started listening right after Halloween." - Lynn Moran

"Christmas Eve and Day works for me." - Amy Macedo

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