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I did not 'create' the drama

A local official accused me this week of "creating drama" by reporting on the ongoing troubles of their family member when it comes to following laws and procedures. This person's main point was that the family name wasn't in the public eye much before I came along.

I suppose one could make a flimsy case that a news report on wrongdoing "creates" drama in the public sphere that wouldn't otherwise have been there, but let me be clear: The only ones who should be held responsible for the fallout from a story (assuming the story is accurate and fair) are the party/parties responsible for the wrongdoing and those who try to hide it. I understand there's some embarrassment that comes with the unwanted exposure, but to blame the press for that is silly.

My commitment has always been to tell the truth to readers in the best way that I known how, whether the person I'm writing about likes it or not. I'll always be as careful as possible not to unfairly tarnish a reputation, but I will never shy away from reporting a misdeed if it's warranted.


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