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Tuesday, August 16

Well, Lucy is home with us and doing pretty well.

But first about the Saturday morning pick-up. We arrived at the truck stop in Plainfield, Conn. at 8 a.m. to find a parking lot filled with folks from all over southern New England who’d made arrangements with various Tennessee area shelters and received the same pick-up instructions as us. As the huge tractor-trailer pulled in, all hurried over, then stood at the rear door as it parked. The wait seemed long, but finally the doors...


Friday, August 12

So my husband Alan and I are getting a dog for the first time in 25 years or so. She’s arriving by Alpha Dog Transport on Saturday morning in Plainfield, Conn. at 8:15.

First off, you may not be aware, as I was not, that dogs from Tennessee and other southern states are regular travelers to New England. I discovered it when I was urged to consider finding a dog online using Petfinders rather than a local breeder.

Lucy – OK, truth be told she was dubbed Cindy Lou by the...