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Thursday, August 20

More than half of the students arriving at my alma mater, the University of Rhode Island, this fall will be from out of Rhode Island. As an out-of-stater myself (Massachusetts) I was surprised because it seemed back in the day that I was the only one not bailing out for Cranston or North Providence every Friday.

But the public relations folks down in Kingston, who just released a bunch of interesting facts about our state’s university, say, in fact, about 48 percent of the new...


Wednesday, August 5

We had no interns around the Breeze newsroom this past summer. Which was too bad. Why? Are there no college J-majors looking for hands-on experience?

Breeze interns of the past have had the chance to first observe our process, from story selection to writing and layout and photography. They’re generally given a chance to do some writing and photography and to interact with everyone as a regular staff member. It’s fun and informative. And I can’t recall ever sending an intern out for...


Friday, June 19

Part of my caring about Cumberland’s history includes knowing what folks have named things over the years: Buildings, fields and even streets.
Works of art fall into that same category. O.K., we don’t have a lot of art installations around town, but we do have a few sculptures at the Monastery.

So when I looked up last week and noticed, for the first time, the silhouette of a monk and his dog at the top of the porter’s lodge leading into the Monastery, I wondered.

So did...


Thursday, April 30

PROVIDENCE – We don't hear from the Antique Scrimshaw Collectors Association of Sandwich, Mass. too often. In fact, the group's press release of April 30 may be a first.

Members are reaching out to the media to object to a proposed Rhode Island law that would effectively ban the trade of all things made of ivory, including 19th-century whalemen's folk art.

The bill is H-5660, by Reps. Handy, Palangio, Serpa and Fogarty.

Its summary says, "This act would prohibit any...


Friday, April 24

We're still waiting on a picture, but it's only fair to report that Rose Amoros, the DOT spokeswoman, has responded and we know where the Albion Beacon has been stashed.

Here's her emailed message to me:
"It is currently at our Maintenance Headquarters in Warwick. We are currently exploring options for the beacon – both with the safety of the motoring public and preserving the integrity of the structure in mind. We recognize this is an important landmark for the community...


Thursday, April 23

We’ve been to both the Smithfield and the Lincoln state Department of Transportation garages.

We’ve contacted the DOT’s communications director Rose Amoros, we’ve asked around Lincoln, and state Rep. Mia Ackerman.

But nobody knows, it seems, where the DOT is storing the Albion Beacon since it met with a distracted driver's car.

We thought we had it solved when Ackerman referred us to a Joe Bucci, but he just sent us back to Amoros. And she’s not returning calls.



Friday, November 7

To everyone in Council District 3, the Monastery Heights area of town: Jeff Kearns, the council member you voted out of office Tuesday, did not "vote to develop the Monastery," despite the claim of an 11th-hour campaign piece that arrived in your mailboxes Tuesday from Jim Scullin.

Last-minute campaign lies like this are protected under First Amendment rights thanks to a test case brought in Smithfield, - so expect to see more of it.


As Mayor McKee departs for...


Thursday, October 23

Most of the reporters for the Breeze and Observer papers work side by side on the second floor of our Lincoln office, separated only by cubicle walls.

And while we discuss all of our story ideas every Thursday morning, by the following Monday those story budgets have changed as news leads develop. By early in the week, interaction is limited as everyone concentrates on meeting deadlines for their own Breeze and Observer editions.

And that’s how Smithfield reporter Melanie...


Wednesday, January 15

Confirming what the Cumberland School Committee already knows, a researcher with Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center has published a study linking later school start times to "improved sleep and mood in teens."

The article, “Later School Start Time is Associated with Improved Sleep and Daytime Functioning in Adolescents,” appears in the current issue of the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.

School board members considered delaying the early...


Tuesday, January 7

Every now and then, Cumberland Town Clerk Sandra Giovanelli asks me to post an opening on one of the town boards or commissions that will be filled by the Town Council.

There are really two kinds of openings on local boards and if you're interested in volunteering your time to the town, you need to read between the lines to understand what's being offered. While the town announces all upcoming appointments, the truth is that if the member whose term is expiring wants to keep on...