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ModiBot Mo's arrived as promised

PAWTUCKET – Over the summer I wrote about how Wayne Losey and Tucker Johnson, of Pawtucket-based Dynamo Development Labs, had received the $12,000 they needed through a Kickstarter campaign to launch their "ModiBot Mo" action figure line (

This week, as promised, my action figure came in the mail, and it's every bit as functional as Losey and Johnson said it would be. The molded plastic body and cool 3D-printed accessories can be used in all different ways. After putting Mo together on my desk (yes, I'm playing with toys at work) he's now equipped and ready to fight the bad guys.

Congrats to some local entrepreneurs who had an idea, worked hard to get the funding they needed for it, and then worked even harder to come through with a finished product.

Watch Mo in action here:

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