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NP residents noticing the difference with police

At least one North Providence resident is noticing a change in local police officers since a mandate by Mayor Charles Lombardi that they get out in the neighborhoods to meet people.

The following is a letter from resident Anthony Cardarelli to Lombardi.

"After reading your article in The North Providence Breeze about police officers interacting with the public, it happened to me.

On Sunday, Aug. 10, I was just about to cross Humbert Street to walk over to Richard Road when a police (officer) saw me and stopped to let me cross. He waved to me and I waved to him.

After waving to him, he rolled his window down and we started to talk. I told him who I was and he introduced himself as Officer Phelan. We had a nice conversation for a few minutes.

Just wanted to inform you that Officer Phelan did his duty Sunday and it was a pleasure that he stopped and talked to me."

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