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Pats should have won by more?

Obvious statement of the year: Patriots fans are spoiled.

While fans of other teams are wondering how they'll find their quarterback of the future or moaning about their defense resembling swiss cheese, the Pats have racked up a record of 8-2, most recently beating the 49ers by a score of 30-17 on Sunday.

Yet the first comment I read on Monday morning is from a Patriots fan who didn't find the win convincing enough. Another agreed, saying they should have won by much more.

Here's a team who, if they'd decided to go for it at the end of the game instead of taking a knee, could have won 37-17 on the road, without key contributors and with heavy rain (the great equalizer) falling for much of the game. When it wasn't raining much, at the beginning and end of the game, they moved the ball almost at will. But somehow, Patriots fans are upset that it wasn't 52-10.

Here's a message from disgruntled Patriots everywhere:

"Tom, we really love you and the boys, but these 17-point wins just aren't good enough. We expect much more of you."

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