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Pawtucket is famous for…country paths?

I’m not sure anyone who’s ever been to Pawtucket thinks of it as "a great place to gawk at fiery fall foliage as you hike or bike riverside and back-country paths..."

I’ve seen some "travel and leisure" pieces that were pretty off target, but this one that keeps showing up in my inbox makes Pawtucket sound like the scenic cycling capital of the world.

There are plenty of reasons to come to the city, like McCoy Stadium, The Met, the newly lighted Pawtucket River Bridge, and the urban oasis that is Slater Park, so why not just focus on those? Why push people to come here only to be disappointed when their expectations aren't met?

Perhaps the rest of the piece does a better job of highlighting the city as it really is, but if the misinformation in the first few paragraphs is any indication, this one badly misses the mark.

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