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Pawtucket > Providence?

I talked this week with the proud new owners of Pawtucket's Kellaway Center, Devin Kelly and Jeremy Duffy of the Isle Brewers Guild, about some of the reasons they chose Pawtucket over Providence and other communities. I was especially interested because they were previously looking to build their brewery in Providence before their target location burned down.

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Duffy and Kelly weren't looking to bash Providence, but it became pretty clear that they like Pawtucket better than Providence for their ambitious project. They had a much easier time dealing with the red tape in Pawtucket than they ever did in Providence, gushing about how responsive leaders here were in answering their questions.

The owners were able to find a building they love, one they say offers way more opportunity for creativity than the one in Providence.

Also a huge selling point with Pawtucket is the quality of the water here, said the Isle partners. Brewers depend on the quality of the water they use to maintain just the right taste of their beers. The Pawtucket Water Supply Board has done a complete renovation of the water system here, something officials in Providence can't claim.


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