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Pawtucket residents react to likely loss of PawSox

While news of the likely loss of the Pawtucket Red Sox has been painful for Pawtucket residents, not everyone is taking a doom and gloom perspective on it. I'm going to be adding reactions here as I find them on social media.


"I respect @DonGrebien for still fighting for the @PawSox. It may be the bottom of the 9th, but that last out hadn't been recorded yet."


Thomas Hodge

"Just a note about the PawSox announcement ... first I would like to thank the Mondor family and the entire PawSox management team for the decades of first class baseball...second I would like to wish the new owners decades of the same success with their new team...and I hope they stay close by if not in Pawtucket as they have a fabulous fan following here in Rhode Island ... thirdly I would respectfully request that we rally together with the Governor... the Mayor...City Council and Community Leaders and think positive about the future of McCoy ... for those who remember what McCoy looked like when the PawSox arrived and what it is today we should be thankful for this treasure...and while it may not suit the purpose for the new owners over time it will be an attractive center for a new use ... while I harbor disappointment...I also feel that together with positive energy we will have a bright future...that's what our community is all about...don't 'Pitch Out'...'Pitch in' ..."

Patricia DeDora-St. Germain

"I hope the PawSox stay in Pawtucket for sentimental and nostalgic reasons. Certainly, they were not an economic engine for our city, nor will they be for Providence. However, I am concerned that our leaders in the General Assembly are going to put the interests of citizens on the back burner and allow Skeffington and company to build a stadium, subsidized by us, on at least some of the land that was expressly purchased for economic development. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I certainly hope I'm wrong, but our General Assembly's history of this kind of shenanigans is too real to ignore."

Douglas McKinnon

"Pawtucket will live and thrive. Our proximity to Providence and commuter routes to Boston is just too good. Baseball is dying a slow, boring death anyway. Great game to play. Lousy to watch."

Brian Murtha

"Well the Pawsox are leaving the city. I am highly disappointed because I grew up going to McCoy Stadium. The new owners say Pawtucket has no chance. I still wouldn't give up; Pawtucket should continue to fight for them. But, in the meantime we need to look at the positive news. McCoy Stadium and its grounds are a large piece of land which will soon be vacant. In a city where over 90 percent of the land is already developed, this opens up many opportunities for our city. This area can be used for something that can be used year round and provide income (real estate taxes, and possibly sales taxes). (Mayor Grebien) please setup a committee to decide the best use for this land. Please appoint business leaders and those familiar with city development and a minimum number of politicians. While the PawSox leaving will be a blow in the short term, we have a chance to make this land work for us year round and it could even be more beneficial. The possibilities are endless!! Keep your mind open Pawtucket. Stay positive and let's move forward."

Ryan Spooner

"Devastated the #PawSox are moving to Providence. Loved having it in my home city but it beats going to Connecticut #brightside #silverlining"

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