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For the record, disc golf is better than regular golf

I'm a bad golfer. Terrible, really. Put it this way, the four times I've ever played, I hit par on a hole exactly two times.

When my kid brother asked me last year to go play disc golf, I was fairly reluctant to join in. But he was persuasive, saying anyone could play, so we took off for the woodsy course at Borderland State Park up north.

When my very first shot (throw) slammed into the side of a tree about 20 feet away (prompting hysterical laughter from the bro), I thought I was doomed to the same fate I'd experienced in my regular golf game. But I started to get the hang of it and I was pretty proud of myself when I upped my game enough to finish in third place (out of four players). I left for home that day thinking that this was a sport I would enjoy playing again. Unlike regular golf, it costs little or nothing to play after you have the discs. And unlike regular golf (thankfully for me), there's not nearly the same demand for great form. In other words, you can freelance a bit and you can get lucky more often.

There's a fairly vigorous debate going on in Pawtucket about whether spending $67,000 to build one of the region's largest disc golf courses at Slater Park is the best use of city money, or whether Pawtucket residents would even use the course, and I certainly won't weigh in on those questions, but I can say that I'd be one of the first ones on the new Pawtucket course if it is built.


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I never really enjoyed golf then a few years back I came across a disc golf course in Easton, Ma. I did a little research and went there with a few friends. we liked it a lot. I have a strong interest for disc golf, as it challenges me every time I go and play.

there is a lot of question whether or not this course should be built. I personally think it would be a good investment. many of my friends play disc golf and enjoy it. I think some of us would be the first people to use the new course.