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Residents share their favorite memories of McCoy

I asked local residents for some of their favorite memories of McCoy Stadium. Here are some of their answers.

Ann Maddix
"Sleeping over at McCoy Stadium for the Cub Scout Sleepover, seeing all the camping tents on the green, watching a baseball movie. My husband has taken my boys every year."

John Baxter
"I took my dad and two boys to a game on a random Saturday afternoon in August of 2003. Bronson Arroyo was the starting pitcher. The rest was International League history and became perhaps the most unforgettable game we ever saw together (save for the Sox/Yanks 9/2/2001 at Fenway when Mike Mussina came within one pitch of the same feat)."

Norman Clark
"Mine was a long time ago before Ben one went to games back then...they might have even still been AA...Heck, we didn't even pay. We'd hop on the buses they parked inside the stadium, climb the fence and shimmy up over the rails. We'd sit up in the top seats to start and work down towards the field as the game went on. We noticed the same ladies always sat together and as the season went on they would talk with us about the players, the game, the team. One night one of the ladies asked how we'd like to meet some of the players after the game (we were 10 or 11, I think, and looked at her like, 'yeah, OK lady, you're going to be able to do that). Turns out we had made friends with a few of the players' wives without knowing it and the lady in question was Carlton Fisk's wife."

Dawn Goff
"Bark in the Park, got to take both dogs to the ball game. They had vendors there, Paws and Mrs. Paws...they took your picture as you came in...just made a fun day at he park."

Grant Meehan
"Attending the Longest Game (although we left about the 12th inning). It was FREEZING. You never realize when you are witnessing history!"

John Sawyer
"Two years ago when I took my daughter. Ordered three hot dogs (two for me), fries and two diet cokes. Pulled out two 20s knowing it would be more than $20 and was shocked when the attendant said, '$7 bucks, please.' Ah, loved Monday Dollar night."

Scott Rotondo
"The last time I took my Grandpa to a game was the 2004 All Star game. The time before that was Bronson Arroyo's perfect game. #memories"

Brian Kelly
"The PawSox are responsible for me meeting my wife...1978...Ben had just bought the team...I was a senior in high wife was the "Programs Here" girl outside the stadium...I supervised a concession stand...we started dating that year...37 years later still together...back in those days the PawSox were lucky to draw 599-1000 fans per game."

Bob Coderre
"I went to the 33-inning game and was able to get a game ball from Mike Ongarato. After the game I wanted to get a Dave Koza autograph so I waited outside the clubhouse door after the game. After waiting a long time, a player came out that looked like Koza, at least he had a similar mustache. He signed my ball, Wade Boggs. And as a 12-year-old I'm like, Wade Boggs? Who the heck is he? Finally got Koza's autograph later."

Arthur Plitt
"Our oldest son, Hugh, proposed to his wife-to-be at McCoy. His wife-to-be kept looking at the Jumbotron pictures of, 'will you marry me?' And mesmerized too...Finally we said, "Jessica, yes or no? She said yes, and three wonderful grandkids later..."

Dennis Stone
"Two years ago the North Providence West Little League marched about 50 kids plus coaches across the field right before a game. I was standing out there with my son and his teammates who I coached for. It was a blast, not to mention everyone plus family members watching the game afterwards."

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